Placitas Trails is not just a subdivision, it's a community!

Placitas Jan 05.2HOAThe Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's) reflect the attitudes and desires of your community. These, along with the established Homeowners Association and its Board of Directors, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the Welcome Committee show the desire of the residents of Placitas Trails to maintain a cohesive community of which they can be proud. These groups are all volunteers from within Trails, and they are always in need of new members.

The goal of the CC&R's is to provide architectural control within the subdivision, and to provide some expectations on the physical quality of life for the area.

Architecturally, the goal is to provide for southwestern style homes of superior design with predominantly natural landscaping. Chain-link fences, stored recreational vehicles, and other types of eye-sores are prohibited. All new construction, additions, and outside remodeling require construction deposits and approval of plans by the Architectural Control Committee. Please check with the ACC before making exterior changes.

Please take some time to read the CC&Rs. Members of the Board of Directors, or the Architectural Control Committee can answer questions you may have.